AMERICAN BIRD CONSERVANCY — Hundreds of bird species are on a track toward extinction. If these species blink out, we’ll have just one species to blame: ours — PLANET EARTH FLOWERS group

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 Contest — Purple or Blue Flowers



Maui Parrotbills live as long as 16 years, choosing a single mate and remaining loyal throughout their lives. Reproducing slowly, usually producing only a single chick every year or two, the young birds mature slowly, too. Immature birds remain with their parents from five months to over a year.

True to its name, the Maui Parrotbill has a heavy, specialized bill. It’s used to split branches and extract insect larvae, the bird’s primary prey.

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Blumen, Blüten - flowers and blossoms, effect- serie , Traubenhyazinthen, 76339/10288//

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Carniolan Honey Bee (Apis mellifera carnica)//


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