Important Notice — HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?

Have noticed over the many years I have been on WordPress  that subscribers just love to give out likes without ever reading what the post is about. Sometimes I get  5 to 15 or more likes at a time by the same person in a period of one minute.

There is a lot of time, research, and energy put into a blog post. This blog is not all about collecting as many likes as we can. For me when I give out a like I actually take the time and look at the post I would hope the same would be done for me.

Your Friend   Lee

Hay mucho tiempo, investigación y energía en una publicación de blog. Este blog no trata de recopilar tantos “me gusta” como podamos. Para mí, cuando doy un like me tomo el tiempo y miro la publicación, espero que se haga lo mismo por mí.
Tu amigo Lee