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Auckland, New Zealand – New Zealand’s government announced today it has banned all new offshore oil and gas exploration in an historic climate win that’s come after seven years of growing public protests.

By ending new oil and gas exploration, the recently elected Coalition Government has effectively put the fourth-largest exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on the planet — covering more than 4 million square kilometres — off limits for any new fossil fuel exploitation.

“New Zealand has taken an historic step and delivered a massive breakthrough for the climate, spurred on by the tens of thousands of people who have fought for years to protect our coasts from new oil and gas exploration,” said Greenpeace New Zealand Executive Director, Dr. Russel Norman.

Defend the Amazon Reef

The Esperanza ship is back to the Amazon Reef! In this second expedition, we are going back to the region to learn more about this amazing biome, which is already under threat by oil giants Total and BP. Let’s make the world know about this underwater treasure! Share with your friends the first images of the reef, taken one year ago, and “check in” the Amazon Reef!

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