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This group is all about our past such as architecture, photos of political events, transportation, family photos, old cameras, bikes, toys, inventions from the past.

Top Contributors

painting in light777kenChicago Rail HeadGrangeburnOG47

1952 DIY Fashion, Red Plaid Dress-Apron Harmony, Sewing Patterns (2 pages)//

1973 DIY Fashion, Indian-Style Motif Gitche Gumee Headband, Crochet & Knit Guide from Du Pont, Sultry Blonde Teen Model (2 pages)//

Illustrated 1971 Beauty Ad, Mod-Vogue Fashion Hairpieces//

Illustrated 1950 Ad, Aerowax Floor Wax, with Atomic-era Housewife//

1971 Beauty Ad, Yardley, Earth Child Eyes Makeup (2-pg advert)//

1951 Candy Ad, Curtiss Baby Ruth Chocolate Bar, Billboard & Cow (2-page advert)//

1953 - Chessie Calendar Art//

1965 Ford Econoline Pickup truck//

Arizona Oil Co//

1968 Campbell's Soup Ad, Vinyl Can Tote Bag Offer//


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