Classic Film Photography — PLANET EARTH BACK IN THE DAY

1967 Ad, Smith-Corona Electric Portable Typewriter, "Electric Fingers"

Beautiful Illustrated 1945 Ad, Sierra Pine Toilet Soap, Artist Henry Clive

1953 Ad, Arm & Hammer and Cow Brand Baking Sodas

Illustrated 1966 Citgo Gasoline, with Endorsements from Ed McMahon & Barbara Walters

1953 Food Ad, Sophie Mae Peanut Brittle Candy

1952 Candy Ad, Curtiss Assorted Fruit Drops (2-page advert)

1973 DIY Fashion Ad, Slinky Sweater Fashion, Teen Guy & Girl Holding Old Rolleiflex Camera

1949 Car Ad, De Soto

1968 Food Ad, Campbell's Tomato Soup