UNHCR — United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The last two days we have viewed some amazing photography that told a story of how children are put in situations not by there own doing. Nurturing Hope in Children of Despair is one of the many things UNHCR does. 

More to come about this wonderful humanitarian organization (UNHCR) in the next few months.

The Beautiful Nobody

Now does everyone stare

Here I am

My hands are sand

Come and embrace me

Do I even exist

This child of misery


Notice me notice me

Walk through me

Realize it is only I


The beautiful nobody

walks unseen

and felt

The beautiful nobody

never heard or or touched

The beautiful nobody

I cast no image

Talk to me walk through me


And I called out to you

and I heard you laugh

I want to be real

I want to feel

and see the sunlight once again

and hold on just one more day

-Andrew Vega