arkansas traveler photography — PLANET EARTH MACRO WORLD

IMG_8865 Don't Look Down 6-18-12 IMG_1988 Seemingly Innocuous 8-9-12 IMG_7355 Going, Not Coming 5-23-12 IMG_5359 Careful Inspection 7-3-11 IMG_2436 Wet Traveler 5-5-12 IMG_1385 Well-Spotted Caterpillar 4-14-12 IMG_4516 Lady of the Day 9-3-11 IMG_0096 Magnolia Pyramid 3-9-12 IMG_5361 Twist & Shout 9-17-11 IMG_5468 Do You Mind if I Pick Your Brain? 9-21-11 IMG_6191 Really Loves His Mum 9-27-11 IMG_7482 Emerald Thief 7-15-11 IMG_3209 Harvester 8-21-11 IMG_6557 What Big Teeth You Have 10-16-11 IMG_4570 Stick Em Up 9-3-11


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