PLANET EARTH MACRO WORLD — arkansas traveler photography

IMG_5430 Hanging on to Summer 9-21-11 IMG_4149 Following the Advice of a Russian Sage 8-30-11 IMG_4595 Coming to Take You Away 6-30-11 IMG_5385 On the Jungle Gym 7-3-11 IMG_5106 Doesn't Have GPS 7-2-11 IMG_5689 East Meets West 7-4-11 IMG_7482 Emerald Thief 7-15-11 IMG_8443 Pulling Himself Together 7-19-11 IMG_5095 Working Out on the Nautilus 7-2-11 IMG_6928 Do Not Go There 7-10-11 IMG_1543 Octet 5-31-11 IMG_2122 Shower Cap 6-4-11 IMG_9911 Test Pattern 8-9-10 IMG_2115 Natural Menorah 6-21-10