Polluting Coal Plants Shut Down Through Community Activism

We have written a lot about the grassroots campaign to close the Fisk and Crawford coal plants in Chicago. These are some of the oldest and dirtiest coal plants in the country, owned by California-based Edison International.

For a decade, citizen activists have been standing up to Edison International and calling for the plants to close. View a timeline of this work. Today, the campaign reached a historic victory – the Fisk coal plant in Pilsen will shut down in 2012 and the Crawford coal plant in Little Village will shut down by 2014.

Let’s all take a deep (and soon to be cleaner) breath. The people won. When communities come together and confront corporate power, we can achieve incredible things.

This is a historic victory for the people of Chicago, who have demonstrated that grassroots activism is more powerful than the special interests of corporate polluters.