MACRO PHOTOGRAPHERS                                                                                                                   Photos total over 2200 photos and counting.                                                                             
20111026 Beetle macro.intense colour.DSC_9095an.Head-on.Ca va faire mouche !.Misty & creamy.Fall Water Droplets.Muda de flower macro enhanced.colours.Blue Macro.My favorite challenge to shoot ( Red & Yellow).posingrups van de nachtpauwoog.Better to See You?.The Dancing Queen.20110801 Tiny spider in garden.
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Stefnisson Photography       

Rainbow shs_005158_017d.Aurora borealis in Iceland.Aurora and volcanic eruption on Fimmvorduhals in Iceland.Volcanic eruption on Fimmvorduhals in Iceland.sunset shs_n2_036801.Strandir shs_n2_015767.Aurora borealis in Iceland.Aurora borealis in Iceland.The Glacial lagoon shs_001904_017d.Aurora borealis in Iceland.Aurora borealis in Iceland.Eyjafjallajokull volcano lightning's in the ash plume shs_n3_045830 crop.Macro shs_n2_097040.Snaefellsjokull shs_000649_040c

Greenpeace Internships


Protect the Earth while learning valuable skills as a Greenpeace Intern. Positions range from organizing to photography to administration and everything in between.

Apply Now for Fall 2011 (September 12 to December 9th 2011)

Apply Now for Spring 2012 (January 30 to May 4th 2012)

See the links at right for descriptions of the different internships available, the qualifications required for each, and which cities they are offered in. Internships are available every spring, summer, and fall. Interviews for Spring 2012 will be held October-December 2011.

Apply Now

Why intern with Greenpeace?

  • Promote solutions to the global warming crisis
  • Stop the destruction of the world’s last ancient forests
  • Empower consumers and shareholders to hold corporate polluters accountable
  • Learn valuable skills
  • And yes, Save the Whales! (and other endangered species)

Greenpeace is the leading independent campaign organization that uses non-violent creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

As a Greenpeace intern, you not only get to work on a daily basis with experienced environmental activists, but you will also be able to participate in trainings such as campaigns, non-violent direct action, corporate research, media relations, and more. In addition, all interns based in the Washington, DC or San Francisco offices participate in a full-day group orientation to the organization at the start of the semester.

Many Greenpeace interns have later obtained employment with Greenpeace and at a wide range of environmental organizations and government agencies. Click here for a partial list of organizations and agencies that our intern alumni have found employment with.

Also, check out this blog post about our summer semester Student Network Intern’s exciting first 2 weeks at Greenpeace.

Program Details

Internships are available in a number of cities and in all parts of the Greenpeace organization. Each intern is closely supervised by a member of the department to which he or she has been assigned. See the links at right for descriptions of the different internships available, the qualifications required for each, and what cities they are offered in.

Interns are hired on a rolling basis, but since certain positions are filled quickly, we encourage applicants to apply early.

We are flexible with your schedule and can help you receive class credit.  All internships are unpaid, and interns are responsible for covering their own travel and housing.  You must be over 18 to intern, but do not need to be a current student.

Diverse perspectives and experience enhance the way Greenpeace selects and approaches issues, as well as the creativity and effectiveness of our campaigns.  Greenpeace strongly encourages applications from women, people of color, and other under-represented communities.

Important Dates

  • Fall 2011 semester: September 12th to December 9th 2011
  • Spring 2012 semester: January 30th to May 4th 2012
  • Summer 2012 semester: June 4th to August 10th 2012
  • Fall 2012 semester: September 10th to December 7th 2012

Please send your questions to . We are only accepting online applications. No phone calls, paper or electronic resumes, please. All internships are unpaid positions.

Apply Now

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PLANET EARTH group galleries have 150 galleries with over 2500 photos and videos, ck. it out.