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Two Hundred And Thirty Six by alexinatempa.Neath Mono Iron by alexinatempa.It's Natural, Honest by alexinatempa

Two Hundred And Nineteen by alexinatempa.Two Hundred And Forty Two by alexinatempa.Swan Pretending To Be A Heron by alexinatempa

Two Week's From Anywhere by alexinatempa.Seventy Seven by alexinatempa.Black Beauty Mush by alexinatempa

So Who's Going To Do The Dirty Dishes? by alexinatempa.Pipe End by alexinatempa.What Ever Happened To "Nay Cast A Clout Till May's Out" by alexinatempa

Forty Eight by alexinatempa.Sixty Three by alexinatempa.Thirty One by alexinatempa

Twenty Three by alexinatempa.Twenty Four by alexinatempa.This Man Is As Bald As Me. (He Just Doesn't Know It) by alexinatempa

Pylon In A Pylon by alexinatempa.Wheel's Of Steel by alexinatempa.The Mask by alexinatempa

Promise Land by alexinatempa.Cast Off by alexinatempa.Cwm-du Falls by alexinatempa

Eight by alexinatempa.Cross Town Traffic by alexinatempa.Trolley Dolly by alexinatempa