Anomalous_A Photography

San Francisco - Howard and Beale Streets by Anomalous_A.Princess Apartments - 155 Hyde Street, San Francisco by Anomalous_A.150 -152 Turk Street, San Francisco (built 1924) by Anomalous_A

1450 Masonic Avenue, SF by Anomalous_A.50 Fremont Street, SF by Anomalous_A.572 7th Street, San Francisco (built 1938) by Anomalous_A

Everett Middle School - 450 Church Street, San Francisco by Anomalous_AMontpelier Fire Department by Anomalous_A.1896 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco (built 1924) by Anomalous_A

2009 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco by Anomalous_A.Dolores Street at 14th Street, San Francisco by Anomalous_A.2101 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco (built 1930) by Anomalous_A

Hammersmith Building, 301-03 Sutter Street, SF by Anomalous_A.2099 Market Street, San Francisco by Anomalous_A.631 - 633 Frederick Street, San Francisco (center, built 1909) by Anomalous_A

Architectural Detail: Sacred Heart Church - 554 Fillmore Street, San Francisco by Anomalous_A.Art Deco Gymnasium of Former Polytechnic High School by Anomalous_A.132 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont by Anomalous_A

Mark Hopkins Hotel - 999 California Street, San Francisco by Anomalous_A.Banneker-Douglass Museum - 84 Franklin Street, Annapolis, MD by Anomalous_A.408 and 410 N Street NW, Washington, DC by Anomalous_A


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