The National Gardening Show 2011 by Martyn @ Negaro.September's Rose Family by Photo Fabe.Have a rest........................... by amerikano1

Water Lily: TROPICAL by 3Point141.Cheery Flowers for a sick Friend by Mayrie.Campanula rapunculus by luciano dionisi

In My Vase by Renee Rendler-Kaplan.Flower by Aslam Kareem.kooltje vuur - adonis aestivalis by jan vermeij

Beach Evening Primrose (Oenothera cheiranthifolia suffruticosa) by Mike Forsman.Rosa by Marco Antonio Pinto /Marcant.Pink and white dahlia by Martyn @ Negaro

echinacea by jan vermeij.In My Vase by Renee Rendler-Kaplan.~~Plein coeur ! ~~ by Joélisa

Cornflower by endlesshue.Sunflower and bee     19-24 by roba66.Wildflowers in Yellow by Stella Blu

Camassia buds by lkung409.The National Gardening Show 2011 Bath and West show ground by Martyn @ Negaro.Cactus: ROSE CACTUS by 3Point141

Wild Pansy by Richard Bradshaw1.Italy, Lilium martagon by VittorioRicci.popping red daisy by WITHIN the FRAME Photography

tricyrtis by jan vermeij.Nasturtium by Richard Bradshaw1.Sunflower by caro-jon-son

Crocus Rose by rhodocallis2007.Nasturtium by Hawkeye2011.~~Petit resto à deux...~~ by Joélisa




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