Here is an example of what PLANET EARTH BACK IN THE  DAY blog has to offer.

Kodak No.1A Gift Camera by Inspiredphotos.Pentax ME Super by OG47.Kodaks by Larry Myhre

Vintage Argus Autronic 1 Rangefinder Camera by Chris Ferebee.iPod Shuffle - Eye Of The Lens by Hotpix UK Tony Smith [Hanx 750K Views].Kodak Autographic by Mr. McPants

Welta Perfekta Folding Camera by Inspiredphotos.Q.R.S. Kamra by film flap on 46 yr old canon - like never used by WITHIN the FRAME Photography

Palace Theatre ~ Lockport, NY by onasill.Palace Theatre ~ Lockport, NY by onasill.Polaroid Super Shooter by artistofmimicry

Big Beau, LIttle Beau (Kodak Beau Brownie) by Inspiredphotos.My Lubitel by Roger Johnsen - Saakaldt Foto.Olympus OM-3 by Guido Frizzoni

Kodak Junior 620 by storvandre.f/12.5 Kodet Lens and Dak leaf shutter! by Dan at Clearwater Farm.Komaflex S, 127 SLR (2of4) by mikeinlagardette

Voigtlander Bessa 46 by mikeinlagardette.Petri 7s by Max Eremine.Close up attachment for a rangefinder. by mikeinlagardette

Komaflex S, 127 SLR (4of4) by mikeinlagardette.Brute! by mikeinlagardette.Komaflex S, 127 SLR (1of 4) by mikeinlagardette


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