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Important Notice — HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? — 7 Comments

  1. I have accepted that this is part of the process. Very few take time to really read anything, and I admit that I only read some of my favorite bloggers. Few write comments, and there is only so much time in the day to write comments on everyone’s blog. I see some folks with tons of comments and I wonder what I am doing wrong? Maybe I’m not good enough, but then I figure that I don’t honestly put the time in to write back. So it works both ways. I realize the time you put in here and you are always one of the first to like my posts and it is appreciated!

  2. Well said, Lee. I’ve been waiting for someone to say this, actually!
    One thing I’ve been meaning to tell you is that the links from my email usually direct me to a “page not found” message – even though your blog post does exist. May be worth checking it yourself and contacting WP.

  3. Yes, and I am sometimes guilty of this when I’m in a hurry. But I must say, that I go back and read posts (most of the time) when I don’t have time to read the first time around. I agree that it’s not about “likes”, but I always want to be “encouraging” to the blogs that I consistently read, or look through and appreciate images, whether art or photography. But you are right, it’s wiser to read first and absorb the content.


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