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Scientists Have Just Begun Exploring This Amazon Reef and Oil Companies Already Want to Drill It

Researchers and journalists on board the Greenpeace Esperanza are some of the first to document a recently discovered coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon in hopes of protecting it from oil exploitation.

The two-person submarines are small and light, capable of taking a pilot (like me) and one passenger to depths of 2,000 feet. For the past few days, we’ve been diving with scientists and journalists, surveying the Amazon Reef.

Submarine Dive Launch in the AmazonPreparos Para o Mergulho do Submarino

The reef appears to stretch for about 600 miles, from the mouth of the Amazon all the way into French Guyana, mostly at depths between 165 and 375 feet. So far, the waters have been surprisingly clear, allowing some weak rays of sunlight to reach the seafloor.


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